NVIDIA launching their own line of CPUs

NVIDIA announced on Wednesday that they will be releasing their own line-up of ARM based CPU cores, designed for home PCs, servers and even "supercomputers." The shocking announcement means that NVIDIA will be releasing their own line-up, to compete with the likes of AMD, Intel, and IBM.

The new set of ARM based CPUs will be fully integrated on the same chip as the NVIDIA GPU, meaning it will consume less power and increase graphics performance. NVIDIA's line of CPUs are based on ARM's current Cortex A15 processor for its future generation Tegra mobile processors.

Bringing both the CPU and GPU together on the same chip means that the ARM CPU will consume less energy and output up to 20x better performance in graphics in some scenarios. NVIDIA might be a very interesting contender in the mobile CPU market with their ARM based chipsets, offering more consumer choices over Intel or AMD.

This news comes the same day Microsoft announced Windows 8 will be available on the ARM processor, so the future for both NVIDIA and Microsoft just got a little more exciting.

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