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Office Insiders on Android get some improvements in the August update

Microsoft's Office apps typically get updates every month, and August is no exception. The monthly updates this month for the Office apps on Android have started rolling out to Office Insiders, and they bring a couple of improvements to Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Word is getting the smallest upgrade, with some improvements to the zooming experience which will make it so that the document text always fits the screen and reduces wasted space. PowerPoint is also making it easier to zoom in on presentations with support for pinch gestures to focus on specific parts of slides.

PowerPoint is also getting the ability to add video and audio files from your phone, which can come from both local and online storage. Supported video formats are MP4 and MKV, while audio files can be in MP3, WAV and MIDI formats. You can also start a video capture from inside the app.

The changelog on the Office Inside support page does mention new features coming to Outlook as well, but we haven't received an update on our devices yet. One of the changes listed is a new interface for replying to emails in a conversation, which will let you add messages while viewing the history for that conversation, rather than opening a separate page for composing. The feature was actually announced over a year ago, but it seems to only be making its way to Android devices now.

Another new feature in Outlook is the ability to see all the files in your group, making it easier to keep track of everything you've worked on collectively.

If you haven't yet, here are all the links from which you can download Microsoft's Office apps on the Play Store:

It should be noted that, even though we received updates for the Word and PowerPoint apps, the new features don't seem to be available on our devices. It's possible the the new features haven't fully rolled out yet, so let us know if you see them.


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