Ontario requires ID to buy violent games

Fans of violent video games will need to show photo identification to prove they are old enough to buy or rent their favourite titles because of a new Ontario law.

The requirement is part of an omnibus bill passed yesterday by the McGuinty government.

Earlier this year, the government took the unusual step of slapping an R rating on the video game Manhunt. In the game, players control a murderous death-row inmate who earns points for killing guards and other prisoners.

Normally, only feature films would carry an R rating in Ontario. But Consumer Minister Jim Watson says it's time game retailers played by the same rules.

They'll face penalties for letting kids under the age of 18 access adult games.

Ontario is not alone in its crackdown. Manitoba and Nova Scotia have also taken steps to make it harder for minors to access violent video games.

News source: GlobeTechnology

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