Opera Max gets an ad-tracking blocker

Opera has announced the gradual roll-out of a new version of its data saving app, Opera Max. The new version will bring with it a ‘privacy mode’ which will help enhance mobile privacy across virtually all of your apps.

Opera Max’s privacy mode will show users which apps are good or bad based upon what user data each app is sharing with third parties. The feature will have its own timeline, similar to the data saving timeline; users will be able to check there for real-time privacy alerts and see what each app did in a particular session, allowing them to see when apps are compromising their privacy.

As well as alerting you to which apps are giving up your data to third parties, Opera Max is also able to block ad-trackers to help you retain more privacy. Blocking trackers makes you less of a target for various sites and apps that want to target you with their ads. The app will use the EasyPrivacy filter list to block trackers.

Opera said in its announcement that the new privacy addition will make Android users’ data more secure than that of iPhone users, it said:

“Apple has been making a lot of noise about privacy and security on iPhones over the past year. However, they do nothing to reveal the sketchy behavior of apps that put your privacy at risk. Nor do they provide any protection for your data as it flies through mobile and Wi-Fi networks. But, with the new version of Opera Max already available on two Samsung devices (coming soon to all Android devices), you can get state-of-the-art app privacy tools that will make even the Jet Black² iPhone 7 Plus owners jealous.”

The roll-out is being done gradually so you may have to wait a bit before you get the update.

Source: Opera via Android Police

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