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Opera reveals AI-powered Aria to rival Edge's Bing Chat

Opera Aria browser revealed

Opera has recently introduced Aria, an AI feature designed to enhance the browsing experience for its users. Aria may provide free access to generative AI services natively built into the browser. It also enables users to collaborate with AI while searching the web, writing text or code, and obtaining product information.

Aria leverages Opera's "Composer" architecture, which enables integration with OpenAI's GPT. This advanced infrastructure allows Aria to connect to multiple AI models, providing users with a versatile range of AI-powered services.

Furthermore, Aria incorporates live web results, ensuring that users access up-to-date information from the internet, eliminating any limitations associated with outdated content.

The current iteration of Aria takes the form of a chat interface, facilitating direct interaction between users and the AI system. This initial step serves as a foundation for future development, with Opera planning to integrate Aria more deeply into the browser in subsequent editions.

Opera Aria browser revealed

The incorporation of Aria into Opera signifies a remarkable development in web browsing. Users now have the opportunity to leverage the power of AI while performing various online tasks, including web searches, content creation, and seeking product information.

"AI is rapidly changing how we work, browse the web and naturally, how we think about browsers and the part they can play in users' online experience," said Product Director, Opera for PC. "Fittingly, Aria is our first product that named itself."

Opera's collaboration with OpenAI's GPT technology and its plans to integrate additional services demonstrate the company's commitment to improving Aria's capabilities continuously.

Aria is accessible in over 180 countries through early access versions of Opera One. Users interested in testing Aria can download the latest version of Opera One (development version) on a desktop or the beta version of Opera for Android from the Google Play Store. You are required to have an Opera account to test Aria.

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