OSC not happy with BBC's Windows 7 coverage

The Open Source Consortium (OSC) is getting its knickers in a twist about the BBC's recent Windows 7 coverage.

The OSC has started a complaint with the BBC's Fair Trading Unit claiming that the BBC are advertising a Microsoft product that "does not even yet exist." Obviously the OSC didn't attend Microsoft's recent PDC to pick-up their copy of Windows 7 that clearly exists.

An email, sent to the BBC's Fair Trading Unit, reads as follows:

"You may recall that Open Source Consortium expressed concern about BBC iPlayer and the Microsoft Windows operating system...

...moving forward, it feels like deja vu all over again.

On BBC News we see a two minute advertisement for Windows 7 - the replacement for Vista (link: BBC News item: A closer look at Windows 7). This product does not exist, even if it does come into existence, it will not exist for two years by Microsoft's own projections.[...]

Gerry Gavigan
Open Source Consortium"

Not only are they wrong about the product not existing they even got the date wrong as it's likely to be a year until RTM. Last year the OSC slammed the BBC for their use of Microsoft's DRM with the BBC iPlayer.

The BBC's Fair Trading Unit has passed the complaint to the BBC News site and has yet to respond publicly regarding the concerns of the OSC.

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