Outlook 2010: Jailbird Bill Gates hidden in silhouette

Outlook 2010 comes with a variety of new features, including the handy People Pane, which allows users to see an overview of the person (or entity) e-mailing them. Information such as appointments, recent e-mails, and a picture of the sender are available in the pane.

Another nifty feature the pane includes is the ability to use the Outlook Social Connector to populate contact information from senders you know from social networks such as Facebook. The connector compares your friends contact information from Facebook with the information stored in Outlook, and then sorts and adds the correct information to the People Pane appropriately. If the sender doesn't have a picture associated with them, or the available connector can't find one, a default silhouette is displayed instead.

That default picture appears to be, humorously, a picture of Bill Gates with a few of the "finer details" removed. According to ArsTechnica, not only is the picture a silhouette of Gates, its from one of his not so bright moments after being arrested during a traffic stop in the 70's.

Image Credit - ArsTechnica.com

One wonders if a disgruntled developer had a play in creating the default silhouette that slipped through the cracks, or if Gates himself had a part in it. You can't help but think that the default picture on Facebook is now one of a drunken Mark Zuckerberg taken during a party he attended.

Whatever the intention, users can now have a chuckle whenever they notice the default picture on the people pane.

Thanks Sonic. for the news tip

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