Partners try to keep faith as AMD pulls rug on CeBIT

Reports from Taiwan's graphics card manufacturing industry are revealing that AMD's recently announced delay of its upcoming flagship graphics processing unit (GPU), the R600, was not just a shock and disappointment to fans of the former-ATI, who have been waiting for graphics cards based on the new chip, but also to AMD's partners, who were set to introduce products based on the chip at CeBIT in March.

AMD and its partners were arranging to launch R600-based products at CeBIT, according to industry sources, and live demos were being planned by individual partners. These have now almost all been canceled after the announcement by AMD, with only a few select few partners being allowed to show demo systems – provided by AMD – in private showings, while the rest will have to make do with showcasing old products or, at best, new variations of old products at one of the industry's largest trade shows, which starts in a little than over two weeks, on March 15. But it's not the inconvenience that's causing problems for the card makers, but rather the uncertainty that the late change of plans casts over AMD's ability to deliver in the graphics card market and its hope of being able to compete with Nvidia following the AMD-ATI merger. Nvidia launched its current high-end GPU in November 2006.

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