Pay What You Want for an Advanced Python Masterclass & Automation Training Bundle

Today's highlighted offer comes via our Pay What You Want section of the Neowin Deals store, where you can Pay What You Want for this Advanced Python Masterclass & Automation Training Bundle. Sharpen your programming skills & make tasks easier with 79+ hours of content on Java Programming, Django, OOP, Bash Shell, and more.


Pay the average price to get the following items:

  • Python Programming for Beginners: Hands-On (Online Lab)
    Learn Python 3 Scratch to Become an Expert with Access to the Live Python Lab
  • Complete Git & GitHub for Beginners: Practical Bootcamp
    Hands-On Practical Guide to Git & GitHub with Git Commands, Collaboration, Cheat-Sheet and More
  • Django Masterclass: Complete Web Development with Python
    Build Strong Django Foundation by Building Task Manager Web Application with Python & Django Framework
  • Python Project: Automate Instagram Post Design Using OpenWeatherMap API
    Learn to Automate Image Designing Using Pillow Library
  • Python Automation Project: Building Web Scraping Bot with Beautiful Soup
    Learn Automation by Building Web Scraping Bot with Python, Beautiful Soup & Email Module
  • Python GUI Programming: Building Desktop Application with Tkinter & SQLite
    Building Cryptocurrency Portfolio App with Python 3, TKinter, SQLite3 & CoinMarketCap API
  • Python Programming Advanced: Understanding Weird Concepts
    Learn & Understand Advanced Python Programming Concepts Along with Latest Updates With Python
  • Complete Python Masterclass: Learn Python Programming by Building Projects
    Go from Basics to Advanced by Developing Real Python Projects
  • Python Foundation: Quick Jump Start
    A 4-Part Course That Covers Python Basics & Some Complex Coding Practices
  • Mastering Bash Shell Scripting: Automate Your Daily Tasks
    Supercharge Your Productivity with Shell Scripts
  • Python Object-Oriented Programming for Beginners
    Make Your Code Elegant & Professional with Access to Live Python Lab Environment
  • Python Package Management & Virtual Environments
    Working with Multiple Projects & Packages Made Easy
  • Data Structures & Algorithms: The Complete Masterclass
    Learn, Analyze & Implement Data Structures and Algorithms using Python


Or Pay What You Want (as little as $1) for the unlocked item:

  • Apache Spark: Spark Programming in Python for Beginners
    Data Engineering Using Spark Structured API

Here's the deal:

  • The bundle represents an overall full value of $2,800.
  • To unlock the full bundle is still under $14 at the time of writing.

  • Beat the average price and you'll take home the entire bundle.
  • Beat the Leader's price and get entered into the epic giveaway.

Pay What You Want for the Advanced Python Masterclass & Automation Training Bundle

Not for you?

That's OK, there are other deals on offer you can check out here.

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