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PGP Desktop Professional 9.5

PGP Desktop Professional 9.5 is a comprehensive suite of encryption applications to protect sensitive data in email, instant messages, and on disk or removable media. PGP Desktop Professional secures confidential information wherever it exists, protecting the business and helping meet partner and regulatory mandates for information security and privacy.

Whether it's protecting the confidential data stored on a computer's disk drive or communicating securely with clients or a remote office, PGP products deliver the world-class encryption everyone needs to protect their world-class ideas.

  • Single Sign-On: Allows users to synchronize their Windows password with their PGP Whole Disk Encryption passphrase without replacing Windows system files. This setup lets users authenticate in the pre-boot environment and have those credentials safely passed to Windows for an automated login. The PGP Whole Disk Encryption password Windows synchronization functionality also enables organizations to extend their existing password security policies to PGP Whole Disk Encryption sign-on.
  • Partition encryption: Enables PGP Whole Disk Encryption users to encrypt select partitions of disks instead of the entire disk, providing compatibility with multi-partition disks that use different operating systems on each partition. It also ensures that the laptop recovery partitions commonly used on recent laptops are not encrypted.
  • Enhanced performance & safeguards improvements: Improvements in overall performance plus new controls to maximize CPU utilization and power failure safeguards enable maximum performance and safety for power users.
  • Resizable virtual disks: Securing data with multiple layers of encryption, PGP Virtual Disks store files and
    folders inside an encrypted virtual volume. In PGP Desktop Professional 9.5, a PGP Virtual Disk can grow in size as needed, allowing the users to add data without managing space requirements.
  • Notification window: PGP Desktop Professional's notification window alerts users when encryption operations are performed

Download: PGP Desktop Professional 9.5 Trial (Shareware, €188)
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