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Phyn Plus and Moen Flo water monitors now integrate with ELAN Control Systems

View of the Phyn Plus lit up blue

Did you know that you're 10x more likely to suffer water damage in your home than you are to have fire damage, and that the average cost to fix water leak damage is nearly $10,000? That's why I'm a big fan of water monitors like the Phyn Plus that Neowin reviewed last year. They're able to provide peace of mind, especially when you leave the home for an extended amount of time.

At the time of the review, the only real integration with home automation tools was with the IFTTT service, and while I found that it worked, there were limited usages for the integration. Now the high-end home automation service ELAN Control Systems allows direct integration with Phyn Plus and Moen Flo water monitors. This gives homeowners a single pane of glass to control their entire home, including lights, water monitoring, air quality control, Bluetooth media playing, and more.

While the ELAN solution isn't for everyone since it costs thousands of dollars, it's competing with systems like Crestron, Control 4, and Vivint for those who want a streamlined solution that guarantees interoperability. For those who use the system, the added functionality is a welcome addition to make their home a little easier to monitor and control.

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