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Pokémon: Liquid Crystal's future development plans

Pokémon: Liquid Crystal is a fan made Pokémon: Crystal Version remake running on the Pokémon: FireRed Version game engine for the GameBoy Advance which I discussed in an editorial previously. The game has taken over five years to develop and for the most part, the game’s development phase has come along very well. However, we have one or more releases to prepare for before we release the final product.

The scripting and event planning

Linkandzelda is the original owner of the project and is in-charge of scripting and a few assembly routines. His current goal is to be able to complete events for the Orange Islands region and clean up some events in older releases which may or may have not been relevant. The new release will also fix any grammar issues with dialogue that were missed during the last beta testing phase.

The graphics

As the graphics designer and co-owner of the project, I try and make every game release look significantly better looking graphics-wise. This just makes it better for the people playing the same game from the beginning with every release. Currently, I’m in the middle of creating a completely new tileset with Microsoft Paint. I’ll have more to show on that next week when I’ll have a sample to show off - for now, this is more or less the existing tileset I created for the previous release.

The Music

Magnius, our music editor is expected to remix a few more remixes and compose more original songs for the next beta – especially considering the fact that we’ll have day and night themes for songs based in real time.

The ASM (assembly routines)

Jambo51, is the programmer behind the more in-depth routines within the project. This means he’ll be helping with implementing things such as the Pokégear (when the time comes) and general improvements to existing ASM routines.

This wraps up the current goals for the team in our future development. Beta 4 will be released by November at the latest.

Magnius can be found on YouTube and Myself, Linkandzelda and Jambo51 can all be individually found on Twitter where we can assist people on how to play the last beta. We’ll keep you posted next week on any progress we make.

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