Poll: What do you think of the new 'Microsoft Edge' name and logo for Project Spartan?

Earlier this week, at its Build 2015 developer conference in San Francisco, Microsoft announced the new name for the next-generation web browser that made its debut in Windows 10. Formerly known by its development codename, 'Project Spartan', it will now be known as Microsoft Edge - a name that it shares with the rendering engine that powers it.

Edge is seen by many as a fresh start for Microsoft - a much leaner application with performance to beat its more established rivals in the browser market. Significantly, it's also an opportunity to reach out to users who have very little love for Internet Explorer, a product that remains burdened by the negative perceptions of earlier versions from yesteryear.

So it was perhaps a surprise to see that the logo for Microsoft Edge appears to pay homage to its predecessor, with visual cues that will arguably ensure that it appears familiar to users accustomed to looking for the 'e' logo from Internet Explorer.

But there is a price for maintaining that visual link with the past - the new Edge logo runs the risk of the browser being perceived as nothing more than a rebranded Internet Explorer, rather than a truly next-gen product.

Many of our readers were quick to share their opinions on the new logo as soon as they first saw it, and some lamented the decision to opt for a new name, rather than sticking with 'Spartan' as the new brand. Like Cortana, the name that Microsoft stuck with for its digital assistant on Windows, the Spartan codename also came from Halo and many fans had hoped that the name would stick for the final product.

Now that everyone has had a couple of days to let the new name and logo sink in, we're eager to hear your opinions about them. Do you think Microsoft was right to ditch the Spartan codename? Do you like Edge as the new name, or would you perhaps have preferred one of the other alternatives that Microsoft considered in focus group testing, such as Evex or Elixa? And what's your take on the new 'e' logo?

Cast your vote in our poll, and be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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