PowerUser.TV e52: The Musical!

This week the gang discusses Congress putting the smackdown on a sleazy practice of online sex sites, we dream about taking a spacewalk and lament the price tag, and Symantec makes comments about Vista security and we can't help but chime in.

Nigeria orders it's first one million OLPC laptops against Brad's will, AMD and ATI unite and Microsoft plans to automatically push IE7 when it's ready. Plus the Netscape vs. Digg fans battle royale gets nasty.

In gaming news Joel tells us that Madden NFL '07 is available on Pay-per-view (what?), piracy is affecting SiN (DUH! ), a study shows that violence in video games has a desensitizing affect (No way! ) and Take-Two settles their battle with the FTC over GTA. Joel also tells us what game is kicking his butt this week.

This is Episode 52 peeps. One full year of ranting, rambling and good plain fun. This extra-special episode is packed with all kinds of PUTV goodness - we have three call-ins, two original songs and two not-so-original songs, and new intro music. Check it out, comment on the forums and let us know what you think.

Thank you ALL for listening!

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