President of Harvey Mudd College criticizes Silicon Valley's 'bro culture'

Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California

The President of Harvey Mudd University, Maria Klawe, has criticized the culture in some of Silicon Valley's tech companies.

Klawe's eleven-year tenure as President of the Southern California University has seen great strides in gender equality, with 55% of of 2016 undergraduate computer-science majors at the college being women, compared to the 2015 national average of 16%.

Despite this success, Klawe has expressed reluctance in recommending that female graduates of the college seek out venture-backed companies, citing the presence of "bro culture" as well as a lack of human resources.

Klawe, who has sat on the boards of Microsoft and Broadcom, said to CNBC:

For ages, we've been talking to students about whether they want to go to start-ups or not because they tend to have virtually no HR...if something goes wrong, it's a matter of luck whether you have management that cares about these issues

Sexism in the tech industry is not a new subject; in a recent high-profile example, Uber's work environment was condemned as sexist and hostile by a former employee, Susan Fowler, earlier this year. Klawe cited Fowler as having "empowered" people to report such cultures in the workplace.

Sources: CNBC | Image via Harvey Mudd College

Editor's note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the name of the college as 'Harry Mudd University', rather than 'Harvey Mudd College', in the title. The title has now been corrected, and the editor responsible has been told to stop confusing Star Trek with real life. 

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