Prey patch news + PC and Xbox 360 content coming soon

3D Realms "weekly" update for the week of August 11th has alot of news on an upcoming patch and indeed new content being done for Prey.
The patch will obviously contain the normal buggy fixes and what not. I have listed the bug fixes mentioned in the extended area of this post. But after the 1.1 patch we will also have new content, which on the PC will be free. It won't be free on the Xbox 360 however, where the same content as the PC patch will cost a certain amount of "Live" points. The amount of points has not been decided yet, though I would assume it would be a fairly low amount considering everything.
In any event, back to the new content. Apparently, people have been complaining that they wanted 1v1 maps for Prey multiplayer. 3D Realms has apparently listened and crafted four (4) new maps that focus on this smaller amount of people and they are shooting for a comfortable 2v2 style of play. Of course you can still play with more than four people, but they warn that the map will get "hectic" and crazy. No other information on the new maps is available at this time, no names, no screenshots, nothing. But hey, new maps are good.
3D Realms will also be adding six (6) new player models, four of which are female characters and two hunter characters. There is no ETA on the patch or new content, as they are still working on them, play balancing the new maps, testing for issues etc. I'll post any new information on the patch or the new content as soon as I see it for either the PC or Xbox 360.

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