PS3 could run at 120 fps, claims Kutaragi

Playstation 3 will be capable of running games at 120 frames per second claims president of Sony Computer Entertainment, Ken Kutaragi. According to Japanese news service Nikkei BP, Kutaragi's comments were made as part of a speech about the PS3 and the Cell processor delivered at the Tokyo International Digital Conference last week.

Kutaragi said that there are not televisions which are capable of refreshing a screen at that rate, but he wanted PS3 to be ready when new TV technology is released. His comments are likely to be met with some scepticism, not least because the majority of movies and television broadcasts are shot at only 24 or 30 frames per second, while many modern games run happily at 30 frames per second, with some more action-oriented ones hitting 60 frames per second.

Kutaragi also pointed out that the Cell chip can decode more than ten HDTV channels at a time, and can be used for rotating and zooming effects. He discussed some of the different ways in which it could be used - to display actual-size newspaper pages, for example, to show more than one HD channel on the screen at a time, or for video conferences.

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