Psystar thought it could take 50% of the OS X market

Psystar, love them or hate them, they took a chance and began to publically sell Mac OS X clones to the general public. While the ongoing legal battle will continue between the two companies, information has leaked out about Psystar's initial expectation for sales.

"Under its conservative projections, Psystar told investors it would sell 70,000 computers in 2009, 470,000 systems in 2010 and 1.45 million machines in 2011. The firm's aggressive growth model, however, put those numbers at 130,000, 1.87 million and 12 million during 2009, 2010 and 2011, respectively."

It seems rather bullish of the company to estimate such incredible growth while selling a product that is nothing more than a clone; the company was also estimating that they could get fifty percent of the OS X market.

For a company that no one had heard of and was only offering products that could be deemed illegal to sell, it's no surprise that they didn't come even close to their targets. One estimate was that the company had sold only 768 computers, a far cry from the expected 70,000.

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