Raven gives details on new Wolfenstein game

Raven's creative director Eric Biessman spoke with VG247 this week and gave some details on what fans of Return To Castle Wolfenstein can expect from Wolfenstein, the new game in the series.

Although tight lipped on the details concerning multiplayer, he did say if you were a fan of RTCW you'll enjoy the new game.

"At the moment we're talking about single player and not going too deep into the multiplayer side of things. As we get closer to finishing the game you can expect more information on multiplayer. Until then we can let you know that if you liked the multiplayer in Return to Castle Wolfenstein you will appreciate the multiplayer in Wolfenstein. On top of that, we're opening up a new game play addition from single-player – the Veil. In single-player, the Veil is this alternate dimension that rests upon reality.

As players progress through the game, they will find a strange artifact that lets B.J., the heroic OSA agent from the previous Wolfenstein games and our main character, step in and out of the Veil. While B.J. is in the Veil he'll move a little faster, see weak spots on enemies and also be able to find sections of the world that are solid walls in reality but insubstantial while in the Veil. On top of that, B.J. will find several powers in the game that can be used to gain an advantage in combat or make his way around an obstacle. One of the powers we're talking about is called "Mire." When B.J. uses Mire he forces the world around him to slow down, getting the drop on unsuspecting enemies, dodging attacks and threading his way through dangerous world events. "

Wolfenstein will release sometime in June or July this summer for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The game makes use of id Tech engine 4 although it is heavily modified. Originally announced in 2004, the game has been in development for some time. It is the spiritual successor to RTCW, however in 2003 Splash Damage did release Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which was a planned expansion pack to the original game. In the end, W:ET was released as a free multiplayer FPS and is still today one of the most popular online shooters.

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