Reddit now lets you add image galleries to a post

Reddit has finally added support for uploading multiple photos in a single gallery. The company announced today that users can start inserting up to 20 images or GIFs into a post.

Image Galleries, as the new feature is called, comes in handy particularly for photo-centric communities like those that focus on clothing, interior design, and make-up techniques. With the latest change, it's now possible to include step-by-step instructions, for example, in informative posts. There's also an option to add links along with captions (limited to 180 characters) in each photo.

Tyler Swartz, Reddit Senior Product Manager, said:

“Image Galleries fulfill a longstanding community request ever since we added support for image uploads back in 2016. We’re excited about products like Image Galleries because they give redditors more ways to engage and share content with their favorite community, while also making communities more vibrant and exciting.”

To add a gallery to a post, just select the "Image Post" option after tapping on the "Create a Post" button. Then, rearrange the photos, if necessary. In addition, you can apply a "Spoiler" or "Not Safe For Work" tag to the gallery. Finally, hit the "Post" button to share the images. That said, this feature will be available to redditors only if community moderators switch it on.

Communities that opt in to Image Galleries can use the feature from today. Reddit plans to roll it out to Android users next week. In the future, the service intends to add support for video uploads to galleries.

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