Microsoft: WP7 NoDo due "sometime this week" [Update]

Microsoft has had a rough time with it's "first" Windows Phone 7 update over the last week or two, with many Samsung users encountering issues while performing the "pre-NoDo" update, and some users reporting bricked phones the first time around. Shortly after, the pre-update was pulled for Samsung owners, but the second time Microsoft pushed the update, a small amount of users (with very large voices) complained that issues were still present.

Many are claiming the issues may push back the release of the Windows Phone 7 major update "NoDo" which brings Copy & Paste support, better performance, the compass API and better marketplace search to the platform, but we're still confident the update will go ahead on March 8 for many WP7 owners.

WPCentral reports that some may even see the update as early as Monday (Strangely close to the 8th, don't you think?) on AT&T, with others to follow quickly. Obviously this could be later depending on what carrier you've bought your phone from, and what part of the world you're in, but we're confident many will push the update swiftly.

Recently, Microsoft has been pushing the platform harder, with new ads, and even showing off future updates which include IE9 with hardware acceleration, and multitasking to be added later this year. Paul Thurrott is claiming that "NoDo" was blocked by carriers back in December 2010, which is slightly untrue. The NoDo update was, in reality, blocked by OEM's themselves, who asked for more time to fix issues with hardware compatibility. As far as we see it, Mango is definitely on track for a fall release this year.

Do you have the WP7 update? Let us know in the comments!

Update: Surprise, surprise. Neowin has been informed that the "NoDo" update has been delayed, due to Microsoft itself. Carriers worldwide have approved the update, but Microsoft has likely delayed it due to issues with the pre-update on Samsung phones. We're told that we should see the update "this week" still.

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