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Report claims Surface Andromeda is not dead, just being 'significantly reworked'

Image via: David Breyer

A few days ago, rumors emerged that Microsoft has delayed Surface Andromeda device indefinitely, which led many to believe that the project had been canceled. This led to backlash from fans who were anticipating the release of this pocketable dual-display hardware coupled with its UWP-centric OS. Neowin's Senior News Editor Rich Woods discussed how he believes that Microsoft would be doing itself a great injustice by canceling the device. Soon after, a petition to save Surface Andromeda begun as well, which has currently garnered over 15,000 signatures.

Now, it appears that what is dead may never die after all, with a new report claiming that Microsoft's Surface Andromeda project is not canceled at all and is just being sent back to the drawing board to be "significantly reworked".

Thurrott's Brad Sams writes that while some bits of Andromeda's OS definitely won't be making their way to Redstone 5, there's little reason to be worried just yet. The main issue is that the current hardware and software state of the device does not offer a "compelling solution" for its target audience.

The move certainly makes sense because it would be a strange to release Andromeda with older chipsets, when Qualcomm is likely working on announcing considerably more powerful and fresh silicon in early 2019 and beyond.

Sams says that:

The problem that Microsoft has run into is that the Surface brand is now a premium product line and that they can’t risk releasing anything that will tarnish its reputation. If Andromeda were to be released and it was a complete flop, this could reflect negatively on the Surface brand and impact products like the Pro line that sell quite well.

What you need to know about Andromeda is that the project is still alive inside of Microsoft but that it will not be released anytime soon. The company will re-work the hardware and software, see if it will move the needle, and if not, re-work again, until they find the right formula.

All in all, there's still hope for Andromeda fans, and there's still a possibility that the device may ship sometime next year.

Source: Thurrott

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