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Microsoft reportedly prepares new 11-inch Surface Pro and ARM-powered Surface Go 4

Surface Pro 8 Laptop Studio Go 3 Pro X and Duo 2 devices placed in a white background

A newly published report from Windows Central has spilled the beans on Microsoft's reported plans to release two new Windows tablets later this year. According to the story, the company plans a smaller 11-inch Surface Pro, and an ARM-powered entry-level Surface Go "4."

11-inch Surface Pro

Like Apple's iPad Pro lineup with its 11 and 13-inch variants, Microsoft plans to expand the Surface Pro family with a new smaller configuration. The upcoming 11-inch Surface Pro (codenamed "Luxor") will reportedly be similar to its 13-inch sibling, delivering solid performance and a flagship display with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Stock image of Surface Go 3

ARM-powered Surface Go "4"

Microsoft's next budget-friendly Surface Go tablet will reportedly be a notable change for its device family. According to the report, the Surface Go "4" (codenamed "Tanta") will feature a processor based on the Snapdragon 7c chip, delivering performance similar to Intel's low-end solutions but with notable gains in power efficiency and battery life (and potentially a 5G-enabled SKU). Still, Microsoft is not ready to ditch Intel for good, so buyers will have a chance to purchase the next-generation Surface Go with an Intel processor inside.

As for the design and other features, Microsoft's fourth-generation Surface Go should differ drastically from its predecessor.

Build 25197 tablet taskbar collapsed vs expanded state

More tablet-focused optimizations

After failing to deliver a good touch-centric user experience for small devices running Windows 8 and 10, Microsoft is returning to the drawing board, wanting to try again. In addition to existing touchscreen optimizations, such as Windows 11's compact taskbar, the software giant plans to make File Explorer more "touch-friendly" and deliver a better lock screen/desktop experience on tablets with different display sizes. You can expect the company to trial those changes in the Windows Insider program in 2023 and 2024.

Are you excited to see the return of small form factor Windows devices? What do you think about a compact, entry-level Windows on ARM Surface? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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