Report: New York subpoenaed Sony over cyber attacks

Sony continues to be taken to task by government representatives over the cyber attacks on the Playstation Network. Bloomberg reports via unnamed sources that the latest such group to enter the fray is the New York State Attorney General's office. It claims that the state's attorney general Eric Schneiderman has sent subpoenas to Sony over the cyber attacks that forced Sony to shut down the Playstation Network on April 20 and Sony Online's MMO game services last Monday.

According to the report, Schneiderman is "seeking information on what Sony told customers about the security of their networks, as part of a consumer protection inquiry", So far the attorney general's office is not speaking publicly on the subpoena.

Meanwhile, the hacker group Anonymous has once again denied any involvement in the cyber attacks on Sony's servers after Sony claimed on Wednesday it had found a file with the name Anonymous and the worlds "We Are Legions" on a Sony Online server while investigating the cyber attacks. In a press release, Anonymous claimed that it does not participate in activities such as stealing credit card info from services. It added, " ... we are trying to fight criminal activities by corporations and governments, not steal credit cards."

Meanwhile, gamers are still waiting patiently for Sony to restore online services for the Playstation Network which is now been down over over two weeks. Sony said last Sunday it would start restoring some services later this week but the company is running out of days to make that promise stick. There is also no word on when service will be restores to the Sony Online MMO services.

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