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Rigetti unveils the world's first multi-chip quantum processor for scalable quantum computers

Picture of Rigetti's new multi-chip quantum processor
Rigetti's multi-chip quantum processor

Rigetti Computing, one of the frontrunners in full-stack quantum computing, announced today the world's first multi-chip quantum processor. Based on a proprietary modular architecture, the quantum processor is meant to boost the commercialization and scalability of fault-tolerant quantum computers.

Rigetti's multi-qubit chip connects and nests multiple identical dies into a large-scale quantum computer. This substantially reduces the manufacturing and engineering complexity required in producing practical quantum computers. It should, in theory, also provide a way for Rigetti to ramp up the qubit count in its quantum computers.

“Scalability is a central objective across the entire quantum computing industry. Rigetti is the first to demonstrate an elegant, effective solution to this major technical challenge,” said Marko Lončar, professor of electrical engineering and quantum hardware at Harvard University who is also familiar with the company's work.

“We’ve developed a fundamentally new approach to scaling quantum computers,” says Chad Rigetti, founder and CEO of Rigetti Computing. “Our proprietary innovations in chip design and manufacturing have unlocked what we believe is the fastest path to building the systems needed to run practical applications and error correction.”

The key to commercial and practical quantum computers lies in increasing the number of fault-tolerant qubits in quantum computers. Rigetti's quantum volume, which is the maximum qubit count which a quantum computer can retain without losing coherence in its qubits, is 31. That should change soon. Rigetti plans to place its new chip architecture as the centerpiece in an 80-qubit quantum computer that it plans to reveal by the end of this year.

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