Rocket League's goalposts will finally become transparent with upcoming Autumn Update


An annoying aspect in Rocket League that the community has been grumbling about since the game's launch is its opaque goalposts. For example, if the ball is heading towards the goal from an angle that is covered by the solid goalposts, a defender sitting inside the goal can completely lose vision of the incoming ball.

Today, Psyonix announced some welcome changes coming to all standard arenas in the game that is aiming to fix this issue. The developer will be making goals, goalposts and other troublesome areas in arenas transparent whenever players are in a position where they need to look through them. This includes making all the quarter pipes that go around arena edges transparent for an easier time tracking the ball while on or near walls.


In effect, players on the outside of a goal will still see the familiar goalpost walls and other structures to aim their shots better, while the structures will become dynamically transparent for anyone inside the goal looking outward. Like many features present in the game, the developer will also be making this new change an option that players can toggle on or off in the settings menu.

The new transparent goalposts are heading for the game with the upcoming Rocket League Autumn Update, nestled among other features and bug fixes. Sadly, Psyonix is tight-lipped on the exact release date for the update.

Source: Rocket League

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