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Epic Games introduces Cabined Accounts for players awaiting parental consent

Epic Games introduces Cabined Accounts

Epic Games has announced that it is introducing Cabined Accounts for younger players of Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys. The latest move has been made keeping in view the issue of false reporting of age that arises as a consequence of restrictive, isolated gaming experiences for younger players. The video game company also mentions that a full gaming experience accessible by teenagers only after the consent of parents isn't an optimal approach either.

Regarding the Cabined Accounts, the company stated:

... a new type of Epic account that will provide a tailored experience that is safe and inclusive for younger players. We believe that creating a rich experience within the same overall game or product is the best way to empower younger players to meaningfully participate without compromising on safety or privacy.

The Cabined Accounts will be for players who indicate that "they are under 13 or their country's age of digital consent, whichever is higher," at log-in. Afterward, the parental consent process will begin once they put in their parent or guardian's email address.

Players will be able to play Fortnite, Rocket League, or Fall Guys until the consent arrives. This limited experience will begin in a tailored Cabined Account environment. Here, the players won't be able to access features such as chat and purchasing; however, they will still have full access to previously purchased or earned content in-game.

Parents or guardians can check Epic's privacy practices, provide consent for additional features, and set up Parental Controls by following the links from the email sent to them informing them of their child's Epic account. Through this email, they will also be asked to verify they are an adult via SuperAwesome’s Kids Web Services.

After parental consent has been given, younger players will no longer have a Cabined Account. From here on out, they will get the experience that their parent or guardian allows in the preferred Parental Control settings.

Starting today, the latest resource will begin rolling out in Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys across the globe.

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