Rumor: Kindle Fire generated 95,000 day one preorders

Amazon created a huge buzz last week when it announced its Kindle Fire tablet, even though the Android-powered device isn't due to be released until November 15. A new report claims that Amazon's first day for pre-orders has already generated some big sales numbers.

The report from eDataSource claims that the Kindle Fire generated 95,000 pre-orders on the first day for the $199 tablet. The company says it creates its sales estimates via "analyzing purchase receipts received by email". It adds that the company "is able to estimate the daily orders places at major ecommerce sites as well as what products are being purchased."

Even though the Kindle Fire has the higher price point, sales of the tablet were higher than all three of Amazon's new Kindle eReader devices. eDataSource says that its estimates show that just 25,000 units of the other Kindle devices were pre-ordered on the first day of sales. The report also claims that 27 percent of Amazon's Kindle Fire sales were accompanied by sales of some kind of accessory for the tablet.

The 7-inch tablet device generated so much buzz last week it even got a mention on Saturday Night Live. However, it wasn't very complementary. reports that In SNL's Weekend Update, Seth Myers talked about the reveal of the Kindle Fire and then joked, "It’s expected to sell well among parents who always buy the wrong thing." While that's a funny line, it remains to be seen if Myers' quip will be a portent of things to come or an inaccurate statement about the device.

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