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Rumor: New Windows 8 build screenshot shows new SKU?

Earlier today we reported that "Canouna", who runs the well known Windows 8 leaked information site Winunleaked.tk, posted on his Twitter page that he had somehow received a new internal build of Windows 8. He also said he had discovered some new SKU versions of Windows 8 in this new build.

While the main site has yet to be updated, he has continued to update his Twitter page today. At one point he actually posted up a screenshot of what he claims came from the "Release Candidate build 8306 ProWMC SKU" of Windows 8.

"WMC" almost certainly stands for Windows Media Center. If true that means Microsoft might be planning to release a Media Center SKU of Windows 8 for its final launch later this year. Microsoft has been mostly silent about its plans for Media Center features in Windows 8, saying only that it will a part of the OS in the final shipping version.

"Canouna's" Twitter page also says he discovered a Pro SKU in the new Windows 8 build and that he has found five SKUs mentioned. Hopefully we will learn more from this newly leaked information at some point this week

Image via Canouna/Winunleaked.tk

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