Rumor: Nokia to launch Lumia 1320, code-named 'Batman'

With the big Nokia World press event in Abu Dhabi now just two weeks away, more rumors about what the company might reveal during what will likely be Nokia's final smartphone press showcase continue to hit the Internet. Today, well known and reliable Internet leaker @evleaks posted word on his Twitter feed that, according to his sources, Nokia is working on a new Lumia Windows Phone device, the 1320.

What's even more interesting is the code name that @evleaks claims Nokia uses internally for the 1320, "Batman."

The 1320 branding would seem to suggest that the new Lumia phone, if it fact it exists, is some kind of variant for the rumored 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520. While the "Batman" name is likely just a code name, Nokia does have a history with the Caped Crusader. Nokia released a limited edition version of its first Lumia phone, the 800, with some Batman branding as part of a promotion for the film The Dark Knight Rises in 2011. It did the same thing with a Dark Knight Rises version of the Lumia 900 in 2012.

Source: @evleaks on Twitter

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