Rumor: Nokia to spend $127 million on Windows Phone 7 marketing

Nokia is putting many of its eggs into the Windows Phone 7 basket and now a new rumor states that the mobile phone company will be spending tons of money to make sure that consumers know about its upcoming Windows Phone 7 products. A new report from the UK web site Marketing Magazine claims, via unnamed sources, that Nokia will launch its marketing campaign for the Windows Phone 7 products sometime in October.

The six month campaign will cost about 80 million UK pounds, according to the report; that is the equivalent of $127 million according to When contacting a Nokia spokesperson, they stated that it is "not our policy to comment on specific campaigns for unannounced products."

Nokia first announced its plans to dump its long running in-house Symbian operating system for Windows Phone & earlier this year. Since that announcement was made back in February, the company's decision has come under criticism, in part because Windows Phone 7 has so far not taken a substantial piece of the industry's smartphone market share away from Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

Nokia will most likely take a large portion of any marketing money for its Windows Phone 7 product and spend it on the European markets where the company has a bigger overall market share than here in the US.

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