Rumor: Xbox TV apps to be built on Silverlight

Microsoft's announcement earlier this week that it will be offering live TV services for Xbox 360 users didn't say exactly how these features will be added. Now reports via unnamed sources that Microsoft is using an updated version of its Silverlight development tools to help make Xbox TV work. The article says that the tools are code named Lakeview and adds support for the Kinect motion controller camera for features like voice recognition and gesture control.

The article claims that the Lakeview tools are still being developed and modified and as a result the developer behind the Xbox TV apps are required every week to retest their apps for the console. It also claims that the Lakeview tools, once they are mature and perfected, could be used by other third party developers to create even more applications for the Xbox 360 console.

GigaOM claims that Microsoft is aiming for the launch of the Xbox Dashboard update, which will include the new Xbox TV apps, on "Black Friday", otherwise known as the day after Thanksgiving. The update will add TV content providers such as HBO (via its HBOGO app) along with the Bravo and Syfy cable TV networks. In addition the update will allow Comcast and Verizon FiOS cable TV subscribers to use the Xbox 360 console as an extra set-top box along with a DVR feature. Of course, the Xbox Dashboard update will also revamp the Xbox 360's user interface. It will be the third version of the Xbox 360's UI since the console launched back in 2005.

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