'S4 Samsung Style': An awful 'Gangnam Style' rework by Samsung India

PSY's 'Gangnam Style' was pretty popular towards the end of 2012, becoming the first video to reach one billion hits on YouTube, making it the most watched YouTube video of all time. Apparently Samsung took note of this success, and at this month's Indian Galaxy S4 launch they decided to rework the song for promoting the new flagship smartphone.

The stage performance features Bollywood star Ranveer Singh singing some odd lyrics to the tune of Gangnam Style, attempting to highlight some of the features of the new handset. The whole 'S4 Samsung Style' routine is pretty cringeworthy; by the time you get to the end of the two minute video, chances are you'll have facepalmed at least once.

For a more serious Galaxy S4-related video, perhaps check out Samsung's design story, which is a much better use of their enormous marketing budget.

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