Samsung patent shows handset running Android and Windows Mobile at the same time

Dual-booting PCs are by no means new. For decades, power users and enthusiasts have used multiple operating systems, co-existing on the same machine, for different tasks. But dual-booting smartphones have never been simple, powerful or useful enough to ever catch on, with such systems having stayed firmly in the enthusiast niche. But looking at a new patent, Samsung seems to want to change that.

According to a South Korean patent that Samsung applied for back in 2015, the company is looking at marrying Android and Windows Mobile in the same device. The two operating systems would co-exist and be used at the same time, with the user capable of minimizing each of them like a regular app. Shared folders and resources could also be set up so that both operating systems have access to them, and their performance could be manually limited by tweaking their access to the CPU, RAM and storage.

The user would also be able to copy, paste, and drag files from one operating system to the other, as simply as one does between folders.

Of course, while this all sounds very well on paper, it’s one thing to describe how a system should work and it’s an entirely different matter to get it to work that way. Multi-OS systems never caught on in smartphones because of the very limited resources of our devices. But seeing as phone specs are getting more and more extravagant, we might soon have the chance to see some powerful dual-booting handsets.

That being said, don’t hold your breath for an Android and Windows Mobile-powered Galaxy S8. As usual, patents don’t necessarily point to existing products, and such a product may never actually reach markets.

Source: Kipris Via: SamMobile

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