Samsung Pay was used by 6.44 million people in September, in South Korea

Samsung's mobile payment solution, Samsung Pay, had 6.44 monthly users in South Korea last month, according to data compiled by industry tracker WiseApp on Android users. Compared to September last year, the number of users has doubled from 3.22 million, which makes Samsung Pay the most popular online mobile payment platform in the company's home market.

The number includes people who have used the service at least once a month to pay for goods and services. South Korea has almost 37 million active Android users, out of which 2,300 were selected by the folks at WiseApp for the survey. Payment solutions which can be used without an app were not included in the survey results.

The second spot is taken by ISP/Paybooc with 3.99 million users, followed by Shinhan Fan and Toss, boasting 2.64 and 2.2 million units, respectively.

Samsung Pay is supported by a handful mid-range and high-end handsets and is available in 20 countries across the globe, including South Korea, United States, China, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Sweden, UAE, Switzerland, Hong Kong, the UK, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Source: Yonhap News

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