Samsung Slate PC could be given out at BUILD conference

Microsoft held a developer event in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago where the company talked a bit about its future projects. At one point during a presentation about upcoming Windows devices, a mysterious tablet PC was shown on stage. At the time the Microsoft reps would only say that it was a "Quad Core Windows Slate that will be given out at an upcoming Microsoft Event." That led to speculation that the "event" was the BUILD Conference that is scheduled to be held in Anaheim, California next week.

Cut to last week's IFA trade show in Berlin where Samsung showed off a number of new devices. One of them was The Series 7 Slate PC, a tablet-like device running Microsoft's Windows 7. The device may be pretty expensive and larger than the normal tablet, but Samsung did confirm that the Series 7 Slate was going to have some kind of an program that will let its owners upgrade to Windows 8.

Now the web site has put two and two together ... maybe. It has examined pictures of both the Series 7 Slate and the slate device shown at the New Zealand event. It shows that both devices have very similar ports on the sides of their products. The match is not 100 percent (the exhaust grill is on the side of the New Zealand slate while it's on the bottom of the Series 7 Slate) but there are enough similarities to suggest that Samsung could show off a version of its new product at the BUILD Conference running Windows 8. Stay tuned.

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