Samsung to open recycling centers in all 50 states

Samsung Electronics America has announced that, beginning October 1, 2008, consumers wishing to recycle their electronics will be able to drop off their Samsung-branded devices at collection sites across the country, including permanent facilities located in all 50 states. There will be no charge applied to any Samsung-branded devices that are brought in. If a consumer wishes to recycle a non-Samsung product at these centers, however, a small fee will be charged, though it will go directly to the recycling process and will not be for the purpose of profit.

To add to this new environmentally friendly approach, Samsung eliminated the middle man and contracted out recycling partners directly. Not only does this help eliminate costs, it also allows Samsung to use partners that follow a set of requirements, including the requirement that none of these partners incinerate, landfill, or export toxic waste to developing countries. Samsung's contracts also allows them to monitor all collected devices to assure that they are being recycled properly.

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