Samsung's Galaxy Fold could launch next month with an improved design

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was one of this year's most anticipated devices, despite the bank-breaking $2,000 price tag. It was set to be the first commercially available smartphone with a foldable display, at least in the majority of western markets. Unfortunately, when the time came for it to release, early reviewers found that the display was breaking easily due to a multitude of reasons, and Samsung was forced to postpone the launch of the phone indefinitely.

Now, however, we may have an indication of when the phone will actually launch, according to a report by the Korean Yonhap News Agency (via TechCrunch). Sources claim that Samsung is testing the device with a number of Korean carriers, and a release is planned for next month, though that could obviously be different for other markets.

It may be somewhat surprising to see the company readying a release so soon, considering that parts of the design had to be changed. Nonetheless, it seems that Samsung has come up with two solutions for the reliability issues in the initial units.

Image credit: Mark Gurman (Twitter)

For one thing, the protective film that people tried to remove will now have its edges hidden from sight, so that users aren't tempted to peel it off. Additionally, the gap that formed around the hinge, letting dust in and potentially breaking the screen as well, will be reduced, so the internals should be more protected.

After the fiasco that happened with the initial release, Samsung will probably want to exercise extreme caution with this second attempt. Hopefully, the solutions above will be enough to improve the durability of the Galaxy Fold and recover some of the trust that may have been lost with these problems.

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