Samsung's Galaxy Fold is coming to U.S. shelves on September 27

Samsung's Galaxy Fold was announced over seven months ago, and it was originally supposed to launch in April. But after a bunch of issues with the foldable display, it was postponed indefinitely. The company finally announced the foldable's return earlier this month, and it announced the U.S. release date today.

The Galaxy Fold will hit U.S. shelves on September 27, and you'll be able to grab an AT&T or an unlocked model. Originally, T-Mobile was also supposed to carry the foldable handset, but the carrier opted to pass after the numerous issues that the Fold has had.

The main issue is that the screen used to break. In fact, the Galaxy Fold got so far as to make it into the hands of reviewers back in April, and then reviewers started having problems. One problem was that there was a protective coating on the screen that people thought was a screen protector. While it shouldn't be removed at all, people removed it. Another problem was that foreign objects would get in the hinge, causing things to break when you opened and closed the device.

These problems have apparently been fixed, with the protective coating being harder to remove and the hinge being redesigned. Samsung has also introduced the Galaxy Fold Premier Service, where you can "consult with a Fold Concierge" that will walk you through the product.

You'll be able to pick one up on Friday from AT&T, Best Buy, and Samsung Experience Stores. It would seem that you won't be able to pick one up online; you'll have to get it in-store.

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