Samsung releases Galaxy Gear commercial, ups the creepy factor

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch appears to have been less than a huge success for Samsung. The watch, which packs in everything including the kitchen sink, has been on sale for a few months and while official sales numbers have not been released, initial figures did not appear to be all that great.

So what do you do when you need to help move more units? You create an advertisement and that’s exactly what Samsung has done. The problem here, though, is that that advertisement is a bit awkward and the ‘creepy’ factor is likely not going to help sell any more watches.

The advertisement, which is 2m 30s long, has an individual wearing the smartwatch following around an attractive female. The entire purpose of the commercial is to show how you can use the smart watch but the entire clip comes off as a way to pick up a mate in various situations using the many features of the watch.

Seriously, the guy in the clip is following around the lady in the clip, snapping pictures of her, getting her number and when she drops her phone she drops it and they had to use the ‘find my phone’ feature to locate the device when it was surely right next to their feet) he helps her locate it…such a hero. The clip feels like anything but a natural conversation and the heavily scripted advertisement leaves a lot of room for improvement in the acting department.

While we don’t know if Samsung will share this clip out side of YouTube, we can’t see it winning the hearts of many with its creepy vibes.

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