Samsung's smart belt, WELT, wants to make belly fat melt

Have you ever eaten too much and just wished your belt had told you to stop before it cut off your legs’ blood supply? Yeah..we’ve all been there. Luckily, us gourmets might have just found a solution to that problem, thanks to Samsung and a company it’s backing, called Welt.

The two companies have developed a smart belt, because we’re living in the future. As you may have guessed, the device, called WELT, is a wearable that goes around your waist like a regular belt. But unlike the outdated pieces of cow skin that you’re familiar with, this futuristic wonder of modern science can track your steps, sitting time, and amount of food you eat and tell you when you should get up and walk around. It does so thanks to an embedded pedometer and a magnetic clasp fitted in the buckle.

The buckle also comes with an external micro-USB port, for charging the device. But fear not, as the WELT belt offers up to 20 days of battery life, so you’ll only need to charge your belt about once per month. The obvious downside is that you’ll need to charge your belt once a month.

As alluded to above, WELT wants to be a real fitness tracker. The pedometer can measure your steps and activity and display it on a smartphone app that the belt syncs with. Of course, the real highlight of the device is that it can tell you when you’ve overeaten. It does so by measuring the size of your tummy before and after meals. The company claims the size of your waist can change in just 30 minutes before and after a meal, so keeping track of these changes can shed light on patterns of overeating. Then again, calories don’t really work like that, so this might be of limited use.

Besides the fitness aspect, the WELT is pretty much a regular belt. It comes in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns. The device has been funded on Kickstarter and it’s supposed to start shipping to backers in January 2017. Those of you looking to purchase one can still get in on some early bird specials, with prices currently starting at $99 while supplies last on the Kickstarter page.

Source: Kickstarter

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