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Samurize 1.1 Released

Samurize is a system monitoring tool that uses very little resources (CPU usage: BUG FIXES:

  • a couple of paste bugs fixed

  • commented functions are now not parameterised in the config editor

  • WMI language bug fixed

  • Pin to desktop bugs fixed in the client

  • 1px clipping on left of text meters fixed

  • workaround for Windows multimonitor glitch with fullscreen applications that change your desktop resolution


  • string alert values now work

  • fonts remembered in config editor

  • project interval rate can now be as low as 50ms (obviously to be used with care!)

  • plugin meters changed to run at project update interval to allow faster updating (update intervals for the plugins are now the responsibility of the author - a sample plugin with a timer will be supplied)

  • multimonitor support for the config editor (extended Design Area and overlays showing the area of each monitor)

  • ID3v1.1 tag support for Winamp meters (title, artist, album etc.)

  • navigation of meters in config editor via button presses

  • zooming in the config editor stays centered

  • %tab for tabs in text meters


  • Server program
  • outputs Samurize data to XML or a PNG image

  • Screensaver (by Tropics) - works in conjunction with the Server program to display a config as a screensaver News source: Samurize.com

    Download: Samurize 1.1 (3.07Mb)

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