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Savvis deals a big blow to spammers

With little in the way of good news for users affected by spam (junk email) currently, it's good to hear that Savvis, a ISP for major companies ("the network that carries wall street") and the worlds second biggest ISP will be cracking down on spammers on its network. Savvis apparently host ~150 major spammers, off of which the company earns a reputed ~$2 million per month.

The decision has been long coming; after the company acquired Cable and Wireless US in January, they gained ~100 spammers, and have gained another 50 over the year. Much to the anger of vocal anti-spam groups, Savvis continued to host and provide services for spammers mailing innocent users worldwide. Execs had been unwilling to touch the customers, describing them as "profitable and they are off limits". It came to a head when corporate executives began to worry about the "danger of losing its good reputation and a secure and honourable provider".

In banning customers / spammers, Savvis are attempting to salvage a reasonably battered reputation. Rather than gain a bad reputation and start losing business, the company is changing tack in hopes of lowering spam coming from its networks, as well as lowering negative press attention. One can praise them for the decision, but can't help wondering why Savvis didn't do it sooner; $2 million / month would probably be the answer.

View: BBC Article | Savvis.net

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