Sea of Thieves Haunted Shores update has ghost ship fleets, new shanties, and more

Ghost ships have come to Sea of Thieves as part of the game's new Haunted Shores update. Rare has also delivered other features like a new wave of shanties, a UI for selecting them, and servers for more regions, among others.

The biggest addition is obviously the ghost ships, which materializes in fleets for daring players to take down. Instead of the usual cannonball variants, these apparitions fire ghostly spirits at player ships that do massive damage, as well as drop ghost mines behind them to deter any trailing vessels. Defeated ghost ships drop supernatural armaments alongside the usual loot. The Order of Souls company and Duke are now dealing out voyages involving these phantom threats.

Shanties got a hefty upgrade this update too, with new songs being added for players to enjoy performing using the in-game instruments. In addition, there is now a shiny new shanty selection radial menu for easy access instead of the old, shuffling through each one until a specific song starts playing, system.

Other major changes include an updated non-verbal communication system, and newly deployed dedicated servers in Southeast and East Asia, Japan, and South Africa regions. As usual, quite a few new cosmetic items have hit the game as well, which are available via the Black Market and the Pirate Emporium. The full changelog of the update can be found here.

The Sea of Thieves Haunted Shores update weighs in at around 6GB on the Xbox One family of consoles and Windows 10, while on Steam it will only be 2.6GB. The servers are now up and running as well, letting all pirates jump back in to tackle the new phantom foes.

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