Sea of Thieves' Forts of the Forgotten Adventure has pirates staging a prison break 

Sea of Thieves is in the middle of its sixth content season, and it is now time for pirates to go on another Adventure, continuing the storyline from last month. Now available is the second limited-time story session, and this one comes with the title "Forts of the Forgotten". Catch the cinematic trailer that sets the tone above and the new gameplay trailer below.

The Spanish naval Sea Forts that were introduced in the most recent Sea of Thieves update are the staging areas for this Adventure chapter. The inhabitants of Golden Sands Outpost have been taken prisoner in these forts, and it's up to pirates to brave the Phantoms guards and rescue them.

A full breakdown of the story so far can be read here, but here's how the new Adventure fits in with the previous events:

During the events of Shrouded Islands, the defeat of the Soulflame Captains weakened the barrier between the living world and the Sea of the Damned, allowing Flameheart to summon Sea Forts — initially insubstantial, now very real — into the Sea of Thieves. Meanwhile, despite the sinister fog around the islands starting to recede, Golden Sands Outpost still lies in ruin. Luckily, Belle has a lead on the location of its inhabitants, but it’ll take some brave crews to set them free…

To kick off the event, talk to Larinna at any Outpost and set sail towards the given coordinates. As rewards, players receive an exclusive title and cosmetic item when completing the rescue mission. Being a time-limited event, pirates and crews have from now until April 7 to complete this mission.

The Sea of Thieves Forts of the Forgotten Adventure is now live across PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Cloud Gaming, and to Game Pass players. There will be an update weighing around 5GB waiting for players before they can jump in. Check out the full patch notes for the update here, which also has quite a few bug fixes.

Sea of Thieves Forts of the Forgotten screenshot

Looking forward, Rare has 10 more Adventures planned for 2022, which will arrive alongside the seasonal content updates and rarer Mysteries to solve.

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