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Sea of Thieves 'The Herald of the Flame' Adventure has a resurrection ritual to halt

It is time again for a brand-new Sea of Thieves Adventure update, with Rare pushing out the eighth time-limited story experience today for all players. Dubbed The Herald of the Flame, the latest entry in the months long plotline now has pirate crews seeking a returning character to the Sea of Thieves, all to halt a mysterious resurrection ritual.

Stitcher Jim, an NPC that first arrived at the game in 2018 alongside the game's perilous volcanic region, now has a big part to play in the ongoing storyline. Here's how Rare describes the setting for this Adventure:

As the ferocious Devil’s Roar begins to fall silent, Belle fears the prophecy could be coming true, heralding a dark ritual soon to take place. Her allies set off to scour the region, uncover the truth and face the fallout in this eighth time-limited Adventure!

Sea of Thieves

As with other Adventures, to kick this off, players will want to talk with Larinna at any Outpost, who will point out that Belle is waiting at Liar’s Backbone with further instructions. Crews who manage to complete the time-limited questline within the next two weeks will receive exclusive cosmetic rewards for their hard work.

Those wanting a recap of what has happened during all the Adventure drops so far, can read Rare's newly updated story blog here.

Sea of Thieves' eighth Adventure of the year, The Herald of the Flame, is active until October 27 for all players across PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass, and cloud. Patch notes for today's 5GB update can be found here.

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