Sea of Thieves' new Pirate Legend voyage and story Adventure are now live

A month has passed since the previous Sea of Thieves Adventure, and that means Rare is back with another episode of its narrative formula for the pirate sandbox. Alongside the story mission, the promised addition of Pirate Legend voyages is now available as well, offering long-time players a new way to show off their knowledge of the seas and reap big rewards.

Titled The Shrouded Deep, this latest Adventure has pirates teaming up with the old Merrick and Belle to hunt elusive Megalodons, and even the fabled Shrouded Ghost. High-value loot and exclusive rewards are available to pirates completing the questline too. To get caught up on the lore leading up to this Adventure, fans can read this blog post by Rare.

Sea of Thieves screenshot

The long-time-coming exclusive voyages for Pirate Legends (players who have reached level 50 in three different Trading Companies) are finally here with this update. Described as experiences that combine the cinematic flourishes of Tall Tales while combining the elements of all other standard voyages, the new Legend of the Veil quests has Pirate Legends searching for Veil Stones.

Each objective in a Pirate Legend voyage is modular, letting the game mix and match various aspects of other voyages and puzzles, with additional twists to make it more difficult, to offer an extended and rewarding experience.

While picking up a Legend of the Veil voyage is exclusive to Pirate Legends, they may gift the missions to regular players as well. Watch Rare's Legend of the Veil deep dive video below to get the full picture of how these more difficult missions will progress.

The Shrouded Deep: A Sea of Thieves Adventure can now be accessed by players on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Cloud Gaming, and all variants of Game Pass. This is a limited-time event, so pirates may want to jump in to witness the storyline before it goes away on May 12.

Complete patch notes for the 5GB update of today can be seen here. Rare has nine more Adventures planned for Sea of Thieves in 2022 alongside the regular content injections.

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