Sega sues over Simpsons

Sega of America has filed a suit against EA and Fox alleging that The Simpsons Road Rage deliberately copies and imitates its Crazy Taxi games.

According to a recent Reuters report, Sega of America has filed a suit against publisher Electronic Arts, developer Radical Games, the Fox Filmed Entertainment division of Fox Entertainment, and Vivendi Universal's Fox Interactive unit. Filed in a San Francisco federal court, the suit alleges that the 2001 game The Simpsons Road Rage was designed to 'deliberately copy and imitate' its Crazy Taxi games. Sega holds a U.S. patent known as the '138 patent' on Crazy Taxi, and has cited a number of reviews from video game publications of The Simpsons Road Rage in which the game was described as being very similar to Crazy Taxi. In our own review of Road Rage we noted that the game could perhaps best be described as 'Crazy Taxi in Springfield'.

News source: GameSpot

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