Shortage of P4 b4 Christmas

Intel can't keep up with the Xmas rush

Bumper period for PC vendors scuppered by short chip supplies...

Intel has reported it could leave computer vendors short on Pentium 4 supplies just as PC sales hit a seasonal peak - despite chip sales this year slumping to their lowest levels since 1985.

While chip revenues for 2001 are expected to slump 31 per cent, quarter on quarter sales are heating up again as PC vendors unveil Pentium 4 lines in time for the Christmas peak. But Intel has warned that demand for Pentium 4 chips has exceeded its initial expectations, and supplies early in the quarter are falling short.

XP factor anyone??

In a statement, Intel UK said that demand for Pentium 4 had increased much more quickly than expected and some vendors had experienced a shortfall in the early part of this quarter.

Better get those letters to Santa written double quick then, eh?

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