Skinit says their Switch skins are safe but they aren't responsible for any damage

The Nintendo Switch finally arrived into eager hands on March 3 and while some had hoped to customize their units with vinyl stickers, a PSA went out from a fairly reputable skin manufacturer that stated it was not safe to skin the Switch console. Now, a week later, another company is stating the opposite; that their skins won't cause the same issues and you are free to customize your Switch how you want it.

Skinit has been in business for over a decade according to their website and it appears that they are putting their reputation on the line. The firm offers an expansive variety of skins that will not damage your console thanks to its use of "an entirely different formulation of adhesive which is more conducive to surface adhesion and removal".

Furthermore, the company goes on to state:

"We conducted rigorous tests of our Nintendo Switch Skins with the console, joy-con controllers and pro controllers and we are able to conclude that Skinit Nintendo Switch Skins are safe for Switch applications. While we can't guarantee competitor skins, we are happy to offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee for any Skinit customers unsatisfied with their product. ”

While this sounds all well and good, the only problem is that if there is an issue with the skins offered by Skinit, they don't have means for you to claim compensation in the event that your console is damaged. In fact, the company thoroughly states in its FAQ that they "shall not be responsible for replacing any devices due to paint chipping, peeling, or removal of any coating of devices due to removal of Skins."

Still, if you want to try the skins out, you're welcome to hit the source link below. However, if there is an issue, Neowin is not responsible. Proceed with caution and chime in the comments or in the forum if the skins are a success.

Source: Skinit

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